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Scientific information optional course

Scientific information

The summer semester e-course on scientific information designed for the third-year ED students of the Faculty of Medicine will be available on the Moodle platform from the second half of March 2018. The e-course includes 4 modules and covers the topics of open access, copyright law as well as guidelines on scientific publication writing and evaluating.

To enroll for the e-course you need to register here (available soon) as well as in the university’s central authorization system CSA (http://csa.umed.wroc.pl).

To log in to the e-course, enter your user name (first-name.last-name) and password  (the same that you selected when you registered at CSA).

The details about the e-course and how to get credit will be available in the introductory section of the e-course.

If you have any questions regarding the e-course please contact Justyna Zawada from the Scientific Information and Bibliography Department at:  Adres poczty elektronicznej jest chroniony przed robotami spamującymi. W przeglądarce musi być włączona obsługa JavaScript, żeby go zobaczyć.

Elsevier's Research Academy
You have just completed your studies and you are thinking about converting your thesis into an article or manuscript and publishing your findings? Take a look at this webinar: How to turn your thesis into an article (22 February 16.30, registration required).
The New England Journal of Medicine
We have a free trial access to the articles and multimedia published by the New England Journal of Medicine - all types of specialities: medicine and medical practice, training, education, primary care, emergency medicine.
Have a look for free: Videos in clinical medicine.
For quick take videos look here: Quick take videos.
If you are interested in interactive medical cases to solve, you will find them here: Interactive cases.
If you are a student or resident, you may find this NEJM platform interesting: NEJM Resident 360 - it will help you connect with peers and get insight into the work of medical residents, access educational resources - access it here: NEJM Resident 360.
Study rooms
 We have a new anatomical model in the Library -  a human muscle model. 
On 21 November, the Skeleton will be moved to the group study room 1B 205. Room 1B 207 will hold our new anatomical human muscle model. Those who have already reserved the room in order to study the skeleton model are required to change the reservation.
skeleton wellcome library
Wellcome Collection, CC BY
choosing the right journal to publish your work
How to find trusted journals amid so many scientific journals available on the market?
A few simple rules to follow when choosing the right journal to publish your work - check out this video: Think Check Submit
Scientific Information

Scientific information

The winter semester e-course on scientific information designed for the third-year ED students of the Faculty of Medicine will be available on the Moodle platform from 20 October 2017.  The e-course includes 4 modules and covers the topics of information science, information resources provided by the WMU Main Library, search strategies and searching the electronic resources. In the summer semester another set of modules will be available covering, among others, the concept open access.

To enroll for the e-course you need to register here
as well as in the university’s central authorization system CSA
e- library training
The e-course in library information for this academic year is ready. Enter here!!
When you come to get credit for the e-course, bring your index (student grade card) and performance card to the Library's secretariat office.

Library training registration
E-course in library information is available on our Library website. It is electronic course. There are no scheduled meetings either on place or online. It can be done on your home computer.

The course is obligatory for students of the Faculty of Dentistry and optional for the Faculty of Medicine.

Register for the course here

The Library now subscribes to Core collection of medical e-books (600 titles). Access it here : Core Collection
If you are a student you may find this database useful: Scientific & Medical Art Imagebase on Ebscohost platform with animations and images depicting various diseases, medical conditions, anatomy, physiology : Try it: Scientific & Art Imagebase
Study Rooms
To book a study room in the Library log in here: Study Rooms
LWW Health Library
The Library now subscribes to LWW Health Library - medical education resources, texts, videos, clinical cases, self-assessment resources LWW
Pioneering hand transplant
Unique hand transplant surgery headed by dr. Adam Domanasiewicz at Wrocław Medical University - a man born without a hand has undergone hand transplant surgery at Wroclaw Medical University and can move fingers: article in popular press

Sage journals
There is free trial access to Sage journals - journals, books, textbooks and other scientific resources. Access here
There is a new database available at our library: Micromedex containing evidence-based information about drugs, drug interactions, toxicology. Try it.
Wroclaw Walk Again Programme
The team of doctors and scientists of Wroclaw Walk Again Programme, offering innovative experimental therapy to patients with severed spinal cord, is searching for 2 patients who could qualify for the innovative therapy. Click here

The programme is a continuation of experimental therapy involving reconstruction of patient's severed spinal cord using the patient's olfactory glial cells and implants of peripheral nerves. The first operation of this kind performed in 2012 was a huge success. The patient regained partial feeling and volitional mobility in paralysed  limbs and is walking again.  Wroclaw Walk Again Project
new students
New here?

If you ever wish to borrow books available at the Library, you will have to register with the Library at the circulation desk on the first floor, and open and activate your library account.

To locate and borrow books use the online catalogue OPAC. You can collect your books at the circulation desk on the first floor.

To borrow books available at the main library on open access shelves, go to the Reading Room on the first floor: "Open Access Area" -", find your books (there is open access to shelves) and use self-check-out machine where you can self issue your books (only books with green classification label on the back can be borrowed home, the ones with red  label are for on- site use only).  You can return books using self-return machine on the ground floor. On the second floor you will find Journal Reading Room with open access to the shelves. Journals can be read on site only. In the Library, there are reading rooms with open access to the shelves, 11 work stations for quiet work and group work rooms. There are also conference rooms which can be booked.

Students of Wroclaw Medical University can register to have remote access (from home computers, laptops etc) to the online medical databases such as Scopus, Ebsco, UptoDate, Access Medicine, e-books and e-journals subscribed by the Library. To register go to: https://csa.umed.wroc.pl/


library information is for first year students and scientific information for 3rd year students.


Horaires d’ouverture de bibliothèque centrale

Du lundi au vendredi de 8 heures à 19 heures 45, le samedi de 9 à 15 heures (saison estivale: Lun, Mer 13-20, Mar, Jeu, Ven - 8-15)

Accès à distance
Les services en ligne de la bibliothèque (ressources électroniques,
Livres électroniques) sont accessibles via une procédure d’authentification. Inscrivez-vous (étudiants, personnel de UMED) pour accès à distance: https://csa.umed.wroc.pl/

Ressources électroniques: les databases Scopus, Medline, Ebsco, Access Medicine, UptoDate, ClinicakKey etc, AtoZ list: AtoZ est un portail proposé par EBSCO donnant accès à des revues électroniques

Vous souhaitez obtenir une carte de bibliothèque pour consulter, emprunter les livres en édition papier? Présentez – vous au bureau d’inscription au premier etage (étudiants)

Catalogues de bibliothèques

Vous pouvez réserver les livres en édition papier en ligne: OPAC

ou cherchez et consultez ou empruntez votre livres (les livres depuis 2000) au premier etage



Current address of the Library

The Library has a new seat at 2-6 Marcinkowskiego Street!

The contact numbers of the Library have changed:

Library Office: 71/784 19 00, fax 784 19 31

Reading Rooms and Lending Room: 71/784 19 24, 784 19 18

Inter-Library Loans & Document Supply Service: 71/784 19 19

Bibliography: 71/784 19 03

Department of Scientific Information and Journals: 71/784 19 25, 784 19 04

Books Acquisitions: 71/784 19 08, 784 19 10

Journal and E-resources Acquisitions: 71/784 19 12

Special Collections: 71/784 19 30

Opening hours
Library opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 8.00-20.00
Saturday: 9.00-15.00
Master Neuroanatomy
Master Neuroanatomy with Draw it to know it

Free trial
history of medicine
colonial medical transport Australia
Australia, colonial medical transport
Bates Visual Gudie to Physical Examination
Bates Visual Guide to Physical Examination offers clinical skills videos teaching students head-to-toe, system based  examinations techniques

Guidelines for users:
Please note that systematic downloading, saving, printing of articles from medical databases and e-journal is forbidden. Authorized users are allowed to save, print single articles for personal use (research, private study), in accord with the provisions of the copyright laws and e-journal and databases licence terms. Users are always advised to consult journal licence terms.
Access to the Library’s e-resources from home computers
Academic staff and students of Wroclaw Medical University can register for access to the Library’s e-resources from home computers. Click here to register as a member of staff or student:
remote access registration
To access the resources, visit the Library’s website and when accessing a database log in providing the following data: first name.surname, password

If while REGISTERing a message about invalid PESEL pops out, try without PESEL. Leave the field blank (ED only).

Netter in 3D
Try Netter - in 3D.
Netter 3D Interactive Anatomy, Elsevier
Ineract with anatomical 3D models, select the anatomy: region, system, organ - rotate, zoom, dissect, label, study. Use learning tools: over 30 exercises that guide you through the structures, quizes that help you to test your knowledge.
click here:
Netter 3D
Wroclaw Medical University promo spot
The Medical University's promotional video
Elsevier textbooks
Elsevier textbooks on Elibrary platform:

Elsevier textbooks
Eduroam service in the Library
Eduroam service in the Library
Note that a wireless internet access (eduroam) is provided on the premises of the Library at 2-6 Marcinkowskiego St and
 selected sites of Wroclaw Medical University.
Visit the library's website for instructions and configuration
Biblioteka Główna Uniwersytetu Medycznego we Wrocławiu